Bathroom – the movie

Bathroom is a feature length dystopian sci-fi lo-fi circus comedy movie. All shot in a real bathroom in East Belfast.

The Film can be found at and can be streamed at a cost of 4 pound.

Ronald and Regina live in a Bathroom for their own protection. They believe, that they survived the situation and are the only circus artists left in the world.

This is the latest feature length film form maverick Irish film maker Ken Fanning.

Bathroom came into life from a project called circus in confinement.

Ken Fanning and Angelique Ross spent just under a week living in isolation in their bathroom. It is is one of the biggest room in the small semi detached house in East Belfast, Northern Ireland. In-between sleeping, eating, reading and stretching in the Bathroom they researched and developed work on the theme ‘circus in confident’. This is where Bathroom the movie was born.